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We can check a whole range of debt relief options. Our Expert Advisors help thousands every day with various types of debt problems. We provide free, no obligation and confidential advice for anyone struggling to re-structure their current finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I have to pay?

    A Debt Expert will need to help determine this. At a time convenient for you we will look over your income vs your expenditure to check what your actual affordability could be towards your debts. We have a duty of care to make sure you have a satisfactory standard of living and would never ask you to pay an amount you couldn’t afford which could later result in problems such as stress or even missed payments. More often than not we are able to arrange a payment which is a lot more affordable than your creditors may currently expect.

  • Will my interest and charges get frozen?

    Depending on which solution(s) you qualify for, they may include benefits such as guarantees to freeze interests and charges. If you qualify for these solutions you will have them explained to you in full, including advantages and disadvantages so you have a balanced but thorough understanding of the solutions you qualify for, leaving you to make your own informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Everybody’s individual circumstances are different, so get in touch today for some free, no obligation support and advice.

  • What is the catch?

    There is no catch. All solutions we discuss have been around for a long time, they are just not spoken about much on either the radio or television. People usually only learn of ourselves and the solutions we recommend when they are in need of our service. Getting debt free can be easy and hassle free if you look in the right places. Solutions can even include UK Government legislation, meaning a large portion of your debt is possible to be written off.

  • Would I qualify if on a low income?

    All we can do is see. We understand that everybody has different circumstances which is why we encourage to always get in touch and let us know your story, let us see if we can help. We will focus on what you can actually afford rather than what the creditors are demanding. Most people qualify for at least one form of debt help and you will always be given information on whatever you qualify for, including ones which may result in your debts being written off completely.

  • What about my assets? Car / House etc?

    Most debt solutions will allow you to keep your assets, in fact some even protect them! Some debt solutions disregard them completely and they make no difference but when looking at high forms of insolvency like Bankruptcy etc you may be asked to include some or all of your assets. Other solutions like Debt Management could potentially affect your home if you have equity but a Debt Expert can talk through the ins and outs as soon as you are ready to talk.

  • Would my lenders accept less than I owe?

    You saying that you can not afford repayments is one thing, but us backing that up with forms of proof is another thing entirely. The creditors have an obligation to allow you a satisfactory standard of living which we will help achieve. Other than this, people with financial problems can bury their head in the sand meaning creditors get nothing. When backed up with a company like ourselves, creditors would always prefer to see something back over potentially nothing.

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